What Is The Karatage of Gold?

karats of gold

The use of gold in jewellery dates back thousands of years. Not to be confused with carats, a unit to measure the weight of a diamond or gemstone, or carrots the delicious orange vegetable. Karatage otherwise known as karats (K),  refers to the units of pure gold. In this article we explore what is the […]

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

engagement ring

An engagement ring symbolises love, dedication and commitment in a partnership. With a ring being a circle shape, it symbolises eternity and the continuation of life. For many an engagement ring also represents the next chapter of ones life together and brings with it many other happy milestones. Over the years as your partnership beings […]

Top 5 Diamond alternatives

diamond alternative

When it comes to designing and choosing an engagement ring, over 80% include a white diamond.  With their incredible sparkle and durability to handle everyday wear, diamonds are the preferred option for an engagement ring. If you’re seeking a different option and better price point see our top 5 alternatives to a white or colourless […]

The Most Important C of the 4 C’s

Ring Appraisal in Jewelry Shop

A diamond is graded on four gradings scales, colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. These metrics are used to assess each diamond on a microscopic level. First created by GIA in the 1940 the scale is now widely adopted as a world wide standard for grading diamonds and gemstones. With so many variables it can […]

5 Quick Jewellery Cleaning Tips

Pink diamond

Let’s face it, we put our jewellery through a lot! From gardening, to the general day to day chores, your jewellery is destined to get a little less sparkly over time. Check out our 5 quick tips to keeping your jewellery clean and looking its best all year round. 1) Wash it Wearing your jewellery […]

Designing your dream engagement ring on a budget

Engagement ring

“Your engagement ring should be worth 2 months of your fiancées salary” This theory has been around since the 1980’s but where did it come from? It was clever little marketing ploy from Debeer’s – the largest diamond company in the world, to increase spending and let’s just say it worked! A survey conducted across […]

5 tips when insuring your jewellery

5 tips when insuring your jewellery

Your jewellery is one of the most valuable personal items you can have within in a home. Be it an expensive piece or one of high sentimental value, it is important to have your items insured against a catastrophe. Below we have compiled the top 5 tips you should know when insuring your jewellery. Policy […]