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Making a Jewellery Insurance Claim

Jewellery can carry deep and personal meaning and when such significant pieces are lost or stolen it can be heart breaking. As a premier approved jewellery insurance supplier, our team will assist you throughout your claim ensuring the process is smooth, easy and painless. We are able to assist in repairing a damage item or recreate a lost piece. Which ever solution you seek our team are here to help.

See our Frequently Asked Questions section on insurance claims below.




Jewellery Insurance Claims Process


Before our initial consultation you will need to contact your insurance company first to lodge a claim.

Once we have received your information and your insurance company approves the claim, we will organise a time to meet with you.

*Online appointments are also available.

We’ll arrange a time to meet to discuss how we can replace or repair your items.

If we cannot meet in person we can arrange an appointment over the phone or online call to get started.

What You Need For Your Appointment

Evidence of Ownership (EOO)

Insurance Company

Claim Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the repair required it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. If however your repair requires items that are harder to obtain there may be delays in the completion of the job. We will always communicate any potential delays.

Due to the insurance discount that DJCA provides as your insurer’s preferred supplier, it is advised that you replace or repair with us to ensure you receive maximum value under your policy. Your approval amount may not stretch as far under a jewellery retailer’s pricing.

If you do wish to go to your own jeweller, you can contact your insurance company to discuss this further.

We do everything we can to try and see if we can source limited edition items, however if one cannot be found we do replace items with newer/current models that are similar to the one needing to be replaced.

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee an exact replacement of jewellery that was lost. However we do try and recreate it as best as possible, using our skilled master jewellers and latest technology.

Evidence of Ownership (otherwise known as EOO) are photos or documents that prove you owned the item(s) you are claiming—before your claim date.

Valuation certificates or appraisals from certified valuers.
Clear photos that easily identify the item(s). For example, you wearing the item(s).
Document(s) dating day of purchase or even a warranty card.
Receipts or certificate of purchase from the store the jewellery was purchased from.

There are many versions of acceptable proof. However, some proof is more valuable than others, such as a valuation certificate. These documents provide the exact measurements and details of an item. For example, the clarity, colour, cut and carat weight of a stone, and weight of gold used. These additional details allow us to ensure we provide you with replacements as close to the original items as we can.

When evidence of ownership cannot be provided, we will work with you to obtain as much information as necessary about the items. For instance, if the item is a Thomas Sabo charm we are able to obtain additional information from the manufacturer’s website. However your insurance company may reduce your claim amount when evidence of ownerships cannot be provided.

When we complete a quote for your insurance company, we will list two values: an Insurance Price and Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

The RRP is the price that a retailer/outlet is recommended to sell that specific item for. The Insurance Price is a special discounted price to replace insurance items. As we are the preferred supplier for most insurance companies, we pass this discount pricing onto their customers. This allows us to provide maximum value for money within your policy limitations when replacing or repairing your items through insurance.

We have had over 35 years of experience valuing jewellery and are also experienced gemmologists. Using our skill sets we are able to provide you with an accurate quote given the information we receive.

We offer appointments after hours and on weekends. If these times and days aren’t suitable, contact us to see if we can arrange an alternative.