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Real Stories – Shermie’s Story.

Creating custom jewellery is more than just a pretty design, it allows the wearer to incorporate items of sentimental value into the piece. Bringing together heirlooms, memories and stories captured in gold and diamonds. Every piece tells a story. This is Shermie’s. 


Our client Shermie, who also happens to be our Marketing Managers mother-in-law, travelled to Australia from America earlier this year to visit her family. It was the first time in over 2 1/2 years they were able to meet, and the first time she was able to meet her new granddaughter.


The sentimental gold.

Along with the toys and gifts, she brought her entire jewellery collection.  We conducted a jewellery audit, and found a few broken pieces and with some double ups. She decided that it was time to downsize and make use of the extra and broken items and put them towards something new. Included in her collection were 2 rings from her late husband. She really wanted to incorporate these pieces into something new that she could one day pass down to her grandchildren. 


Shermie and Raymond on their wedding day.




Shermie said “ my husband always use to buy my jewellery, he would take me out to eat and say you want to pick out some jewellery, after he past I wanted to create something new for myself but with a piece of him, as he would of loved that”




Together we designed and created a one of a kind ring. Years previously we had the pleasure of making her a pair of morganite and diamond earrings.  We chose a similar design to her earrings

morganite and diamond earrings
Custom pair of morganite and diamond earrings.

as she said “Raymond loved the earrings we had made previously so I knew that he would of loved my ring”  To her a morganite stone was “delicate and soft looking not flashy”


Using the gold from her late husbands ring , we adding some new diamonds as well as the stunning morganite to create a gorgeous ring. While not all the diamonds in her husbands ring could be used, we were able to save one and place it on the inside of her band. A reminder of the everlasting love they both shared.



The end result was a one of a kind piece, that tells a story of love, happiness and celebration. A sentimental piece of jewellery that celebrates her next chapter in her life. And one we are very privilege to have played a small role in. 

morganite and diamond ring
The end result.