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engagement ring buying guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Buying an engagement ring is an expensive and exciting time in your life. Knowing what to look for will help you not to overspend and nail the design. Here is our engagement ring buying guide – from the professionals.


It was once said that the budget for an engagement ring was three times a monthly salary. While that was a clever marketing campaign, these days a more realistic budget is what you can afford without going into debt. Consider your lifestyle, your own personal finances and work out a price that you feel comfortable spending. While it is a piece of jewellery they will own for life, it is important to remember it is not worth going into debt for. 


The cut refers to the shape of the diamond. Round brilliant cuts are worth 20-30% more than any other due to their popularity and their incredible fire and brilliance. If your budget doesn’t stretch as far consider an alternative cuts. For example an oval or pear can appear as much as 30% larger than a round but at a discounted price. This is due to the shape being elongated and the table, the top of the stone being larger giving the appearance of a large stone, while keeping some money in your back pocket.



Each ring design is as unique and different like the individual who wears it. When considering a setting think about their lifestyle. Do they work with their hands? If so a higher setting may not be well suited. A lower setting protects the stone from knocks and bangs over time. Once you have an idea on the type of setting then you can turn your attention to the design. For instance a subtle halo adds an element of drama without taking away from the centre stone. Perhaps choosing a coloured stone to accent the centre one using their birthstones. Consider how your partner wears their current jewellery to help select the best possible setting for your engagement ring. 


An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that will be worn for decades. Consider including a special detail such as using gold from a family member into the ring to create legacy. You may even have a heirloom stone you would like to incorporate into your new engagement ring. Adding a sentimental detail enhances any design beautifully.

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Understanding the important of the 4c’s assists when purchasing an engagement ring. The 4c’s are made up of cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of the diamond. A diamond is graded in each of these categories which influencers the price. The most important c is the cut, a cut refers to the shape of the diamond. A perfectly cut diamond will allow light to refract in and out of the stone, giving it optimal fire and sparkle. It is not necessary to choose a diamond with the highest of all categories unless you have an endless budget. Look for a diamond that has incredible sparkle and fire, colourless and eye clean. To learn more about the 4c’s refer to our blog here.

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Selecting an engagement ring is an exciting. This beautiful ring will symbolise your new partnership together in life. It is the one of the pieces of jewellery that your spouse will own over their lifetime. Take your time to curate a design that is unique and special, just like the person who you are asking to marry.