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benefits of custom jewellery

Why choose custom jewellery?

Nothing is more personal or sentimental than having a custom piece of jewellery made. Whether it be honouring a loved one or owning a piece nobody else has. To having a piece fit comfortable against an existing set all while saving money. Custom jewellery affords you the luxury of having a tailored made piece of jewellery. 

Fits like a glove 

Many off the shelf jewellery pieces are made in bulk with the same style and design, with no thought around the fit if worn next to another piece. For instance some engagement rings settings won’t allow for another ring to fit comfortable next to one and other. For a few reasons, eg their setting is too low to accommodate a wedding band or their shoulder stones are set too close to the edge of the ring and over time will wear next to a wedding band. With custom jewellery we ensure the fit is like a glove. Every detail is designed to accommodate the fit on and next to an existing piece, without placing any additional stress or damage on the settings. 

One of a kind

You may of pinned a couple of rings together, one you like the look of the setting, the other might be the chosen cut and then the colours of another stone is more favourable. We can take each design element for your inspiration and merge them together giving you a truly one of a kind piece. We even allow you the choice to select the very gemstones used in your design. Giving you full design control to ensure that your piece is truly unique. 



Many are gifted beautiful pieces from those who has passed. Brooches, pins, necklaces, often these piece sit in the bottom of your jewellery box forgotten collecting dust. You don’t wear them because they are either not your style of jewellery or are damaged. This is where custom jewellery can allow you to breath new life into the pieces without loosing those precious memories. We can use the gold and or existing stones to create a whole new piece without loosing those previous memories and sentimental value. 

Money saving

The word custom can instantly make many see dollar signs, however it’s not always the case. With choosing the design and details you want and not what you don’t, you can save money. Perhaps your dream designs doesn’t require shoulder diamonds and only a solitaire stone. Therefore you only pay for the solitaire and not the shoulder stones, saving you money on the cost of diamonds, labour and gold. Or you may have some old gold from unworn pieces you want to use towards a new piece. Some jewellers (like us) will credit the gold and provide you with a monetary credit towards a new piece. Custom doesn’t always mean more expensive. 


Custom jewellery allows the wearer to design a piece of jewellery that truly reflects their style and budget. Having the option to customise every detail, you create a piece of jewellery that may one day be handed down generations in your family creating a heirloom piece of your own. More so every piece ion custom jewellery is highly sentimental making the replacement value irreplaceable.