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Argyle Pink diamonds

How rare are Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Argyle pink diamonds reputation exceeds all other gemstones and diamonds. This is largely due to their rarity and elegance. Found in one place in Western Australia, these unique diamonds have been displayed on some of the world’s most exclusive showrooms. What makes these diamonds so rare and breathtaking? We explore what makes them so unique and truly one of a kind.

The Colour

A diamonds colour is generated over 1.6 billions years ago and deep below the earth.  During the time, the crystal structure is formed and exposed to intense heat and pressure, combined with elements such as nitrogen, sulphur and boron in the earth centre,  the colour of the diamond changes depending on the element is has been exposed to.  When it comes to pink diamonds, it is caused by being exposed to traces of nitrogen during its formation, therefore creating the stunning pink colour we see today.

For every 10,000 white diamonds, one will form with natural colouring, making coloured diamonds a natural phenomenon. During its peak production, the Argyle mine yielded only one handful of gem quality pinks in a year. According to Argyle’s website it would take 15 years to accumulate enough tender diamonds to fill a champagne glass. The largest pink diamond found is called “Argyle Pink Jubilee” weighing 8.01 carats and was a gifted from Rio Tinto to Museums Victoria where it’s displayed. When it comes to coloured diamonds, pinks are one of the rarest colours produced.


Pink diamonds are found elsewhere in the world including Canada, Russia, Brazil and South Africa. However, it is those that are mined in the Kimberly region of Western Australia that produces unparalleled pink hues, that cannot be found elsewhere. Because of the intensity and richness of colour, the price for these unique stone is high. Prices range from $100,000 > $1,000,000 per carat for a pink. Compared that to a white diamond where the price per carat starts at around $12,200 (approx. prices given like for like comparison.) No where else in the world produces pink diamonds with such intense and stunning pink, violet or red colours than Argyle Pinks. 


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Like many diamonds and gemstones a certificate of authenticity is extremely important. With Argyles it becomes even more so. Some Argyle Pink diamonds come with their own certificate proving their origin, while others may only provide a lot number. Both can be verified on Argyles website to ensure your diamonds are authentic. Over the years stones smaller than 0.15 carats didn’t come with their own certificate however in the last 5 years Argyle changed their metrics, and up until they closed, certified stones as small as 0.08 carats. Without the credible certificate you cannot expect to pay or sell at premium prices. 

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Owning an Argyle Pink diamond is one of prestigious and love. There is nothing quite like an Australian Argyle Pink diamond nor will there ever be. A truly unique and limited diamond, purchasing one is a legacy and investment, one to be handed down for generations.