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Top 5 Engagement Rings for 2022


An engagement ring symbolises love and commitment between two people. While the meaning hasn’t change the style and diamond cuts have evolved . Here is our top 5 engagement rings for 2022.



Over the last 5 years the oval cut has steadily been climbing the popularity list.   Overtaking from the round brilliant, the oval cut has an elegance and class all on its own. With its elongated shape it provides the appearance of a bigger stone without the additional expense. An oval cut has 58 facets, giving gorgeous fire and sparkle to a ring. Look for an oval that is well proportioned in height and width, the ideal ratio is 1.7:1.


Round Brilliant

The round brilliant has always been at the top of the list until now. With 58 facets, it allows ample light to be reflected in and out of a stone giving unbeatable shine.  2/3 of diamonds sold world wide are a round brilliant cut. That being said because of their popularity there is a premium price on all rounds. Check for red, blue, yellow or orange flashes as you tilt the stone in sunlight, as these flashes are the fire in the stone, the more fire in the stone the bigger the sparkle. 



A fancy cut, the pear cut creates the illusion of elongated hands when cut in proportion. It has 58 facets providing a good amount of light refraction and fire. Look for a pear that isn’t to bottom heavy and is equally portioned. The most vulnerable part of a pear cut is the point. When designing a setting ensure adequate protection is placed around the tip to prevent it from breaking or fracturing. A bezelor v prong setting is one of the best and safest ways to set a pear cut.



A timeless classic cut since its creation over 300 years ago. Originally called a “mine cut” after the diamond mines in Brazil, it was the first cut that allowed cutters to still get a sparkle out of a stone while still retaining its carat weight, making it worth a little more money.  The characteristics of the cut is a shape that is a square with rounded or curved sides, not to be confused with a radiant cut that is more rectangular in shape. It has between 58-64 facets, allowing for ample light to reflect through the stone. Seek cushions that are symmetrical on both sides.



The beautiful radiant cut was created and perfected only 40 years ago. It was developed when cutters were seeking out new ways to cut squares while still maintaining a diamonds brilliance they developed the step cut. This resulted in the radiant cut being born. Often confused for a princess or cushion cut, a radiant cut has beveled corners with more brilliance in the middle of the stone. A radiant cut has 70 facets, where as a princess cut has 58,  giving the radiant more shine.