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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring symbolises love, dedication and commitment in a partnership. With a ring being a circle shape, it symbolises eternity and the continuation of life. For many an engagement ring also represents the next chapter of ones life together and brings with it many other happy milestones. Over the years as your partnership beings to deepen and grow, you may find that your original engagement ring may not reflect your current life and seek for a change in your original design.  We explore 5 ways to upgrade your engagement ring.


For many when they first get engaged the budget might be limited, so you proposed with a ring you could afford at the time. Upgrading your diamonds to a larger or one with a higher quality is one way to change your ring. With the increase popularity of lab grown diamonds (read more about the difference between lab grown diamonds and natural here) and their budget friendly options. You may consider upgrading the stone to a larger size to reflect the journey you both have been on together. Alternatively seeking a diamond with a higher colour or clarity than your original is one way to upgrade your existing engagement ring. 

halo engagement ring


Add Bling

You may love your original engagement ring but seek a little change, adding additional bling to your ring is subtle way to upgrade it. A upgrade of adding stones in the shoulder or even a halo around the centre stone can completely change the look of your setting in a subtle way. 


Go Colour

Coloured gemstones are a fantastic way to upgrade your existing ring. With millions of colours and types such as pastel sapphires, or a watermelon tourmaline even a lapis lazuli. Coloured gemstones add flare your ring. Some choose the birthstone of their children to add into the shoulder or the gemstone of the month in which they got married, as a simple gorgeous way to honour the life you have created together.

sapphire engagement ring

New Design

Over the years styles and trends tend to fade as does your own style and flare. Changing the design to suit your current taste is a fantastic way to upgrade your setting. More so if you can incorporate your existing sentimental diamonds and gemstones into your new style, it will have a modern look while still hold all its original memories. 



Engagement rings set in yellow gold were the most popular designs over 20 years ago. Nowadays white gold takes the lead. Taste change over time and you may find yourself wearing less yellow and more white or even rose gold. Keeping your original design and diamonds  while opting for a change in gold colour is a simple way to bring your ring into the now.

pear cut engagement ring



Choosing to upgrade your engagement ring is a personal choice. Some opt for a simple upgrade while others decides to re design an entire new ring. Which ever you decide,  the decision you make is a personal one and one the reflects you and your partnership.